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What is Field Marketing?

Field Marketing is the supply and management of trained staff to build your brand awareness either as a strategic or tactical campaign.

If you are looking to increase awareness of your brand you would look to a Field Marketing company such as Contact to help you plan, source staff, manage and report on the campaigns success

What are the most popular types of Field Marketing campaigns?

There are a number of different types of field marketing campaigns and Contact can offer many different type sof service all of which are covered under the umbrella of field marketing, in this article we are going to cover just a few different types of field marketing campaigns such as Product Sampling where trained staff offer free samples or demonstrations of your product, Leafleting campaigns are a very popular field marketing strategy which gets your message and your brand literally into the hands of the customer and when run over a reasonable period of time, enforces your brand and your message – Leafleting campaigns can also act as an incentive for people to buy your product. Another popular method of ensuring your brand is promoted to the consumer in the right way is by ensuring that your products are properly merchandised and to do this you would need to run a merchandising campaign where teams of staff all around the UK visit the stores where your product is on sale and ensure you have proper visibility.

What makes for a good Field Marketing campaign?

There are a number of factors which make for a successful campaign – at Contact we use the three ‘P’s – That is Planning, Products and People – at Contact we can provide the planning and the people to ensure that your campaign is a success.

How do I go about running a Field Marketing campaign?

It’s a good idea to engage the services of a professional company that understands the problems and pitfalls of field marketing to ensure that your campaign runs as smoothly as possible. Field Marketing companies such as Contact have vast amounts of experience in below the line field marketing and can take away all of the problems associated with running one-off tactical or short term field marketing projects or the management of long term strategic field marketing campaigns.

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