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Discover Brand Marketings Little-Known Best Friend

Discover Brand Marketings Little-Known Best Friend

Brand Marketing

Versatility, creativity, persistence, speed, precision, technology, forward-thinking, sociable, cost-effective, impact, memorability. All of these words (and many more, of course) are attributable to brands. With the ever-increasing competition, these traits are all becoming more important to strive towards in business.

You’ve got to stand out from the crowd, the level of competition in traditional markets has never been higher. Furthermore, most industries/populations are still in growth, this means that no matter your location/s or industry area, there are ever-growing streams of people/sales for you to capture. Long-term brand awareness curated through a variety of routes is one of the best ways to keep a returning customer base.

Real world field marketing activity is an important piece of the branding puzzle. Word of mouth (online and offline) will always be a strong tool for businesses to develop. Strong branding (and its many implications) is one of the most effective ways to drive customers that return due to brand loyalty.

Brand Awareness

Strong, long-lasting brand awareness is created by having a strong product line, backed up by an innovative, empowering team that constantly thinks ahead. It’s about testing and optimizing all the ways to get your brand into peoples eyes, ears, hands, environment, and ultimately long-term memory.

The jobs activities range from organizing memorable events, to getting your products in store and ensuring they are properly displayed, to mitigation of potentially damaging news. Ideally you’re aiming to always be pushing the boundaries of what “marketing” means.

It is both a proactive and reactive role, online and offline, positive and negative. Every time a potential customer sees your brand is an opportunity to tailor their opinion towards positivity, and ultimately turn them into a free brand ambassador. You want to have such a strong brand and message that your customers will bring you up naturally in conversation, that’s a goal of branding.

A wise man once said: “The best kind of marketing doesn’t feel like marketing, it makes the people feel like they are part of it.” and this will remain true for as long as marketing products is necessary.

This is particularly true in supermarkets, it is the customers decision to go shopping, and every single product on the shelf has been designed with customer appeal in mind. It’s passive market-ing, your products branded packaging and brand strength are the only things helping it to catch a customers eye in store.

The Relationship Between Brand Marketing and Field Marketing Agencies

With brand marketing, the ultimate goal is developing a strong, memorable brand that people wont forget. This endeavour means that every effective method of increasing awareness, sales, loyalty, interaction needs to be engaged in. Online and offline, there are dozens, if not hundreds of different types of marketing methods at your fingertips. The types you choose for your business will vary depending on the product or service you offer.

Most brands end goal is to increase overall sales or awareness. This is the sole reason why field marketing agencies and brand marketing go hand in hand. Every field marketing service can be utilised by brands to promote their products and services. You have the product, we have the people you need to promote it.

Outsourcing your field marketing work to us is a great way to increase the reach of your business without the usual time, effort and money involved when finding staff who will travel the country for your brand.

Our distributed national reaching database of staff allows us to get staff to stores, events, cities and ensure your product is best set to sell. It will almost always be cheaper to outsource national field marketing campaigns to us, as we can cut out most of the travelling time by using staff who are close to each location.

Find out if we can help you with your field marketing campaigns, our services are constantly increasing and we’re always looking for new ways to increase our ability to serve our loyal and future customers.

This year we introduced online sampling fulfilment to support our clients who offer free online samples to customers. Online sampling is a very cost effective way to grow your business, it’s hassle-free for the consumer, you can get marketing materials directly to peoples homes with the sample, and you can grow your social media and email subscribers all in return for a cheap free sample for the customer.

We’ve already dispatched tens of thousands of samples for our clients, and expect many more before years end. Don’t just take our word for it though, check out what Shopify (the worlds largest ecommerce platform) has to say about sampling increasing sales.

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