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Christmas 2018 Field Marketing Campaigns? Book Now

Christmas 2018 Field Marketing Campaigns? Book Now

The Autumn season rolls on, and Winter fast approaches. Consumer spending increases around Christmas and field marketing becomes more fruitful. We’ll be writing a longer post about this topic soon. Long story short you should get your brands products and services to the public during this high reward season. Online and offline both see substantial lifts in sales, due to consumer spending increasing by the billions.

For now, we’d like to remind all of our clients, old and new, to book your Christmas campaigns sooner rather than later.

The services we offer all relate to real-world field marketing, you can see a full list on our field marketing services page. We cover the whole of the United Kingdom, so no matter your location we can help.

Why Book Your Christmas Field Marketing Staff Early?

Getting the ball rolling sooner than later ensures all corners of your late Q4 2018 marketing plan(s) are covered. With additional time to work with you, we can ensure we fully understand the needs of your campaign(s).

According to the Bank of England (here), the average household in the UK spends an extra £500 (on top of the usual £2000) during December.  That’s an average 25% increase in spending – on each shop a household makes – A rather dramatic increase for a single month! Sorting out the logistics, staff, licencing etc months in advance helps ensure a smooth campaign.

As such, demand for field marketing services is always higher during December compared to November or October. We ourselves experience a reliable uptick in demand for our services.

It’d be safe to say the majority of field marketing companies experience the same Christmas rush your brands face. Giving us an extra month or two to get the logistics ironed out ensures a successful and fruitful campaign for you.

So booking your Christmas campaigns in with us now is your best bet at securing our most experienced staff on the days you want them.

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