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Asobi Toys

The Brief

Asobi produce a range of ‘pocket money’ toys for children, their products had slipped through quality control without the CE Safety Sticker and had then been sent out to the full estate of a major department store. Asobi had one day to correct this mistake in all stores therefore we needed to react quickly and manage this devastating crisis to avoid penalties being enforced.

How we executed the Campaign

CFM quickly selected a two man team to work in each store, one member of staff to correct the shop floor stock and the other to concentrate on the stockroom. The teams were armed with a current stock count per store, sample photographs of the products and the CE Safety Stickers. The teams had 3 hours to locate all stock, correctly sticker and report back by design and quantity to ensure 100% corrective action had been taken.

The Results

All stores were visited, a total of 15,772 pocket money toys were traced and re-stickered. Information was cross referenced against stock reports to ensure that 100% corrective action had been taken. No stock needed to be recalled by our client and no penalties were incurred. Due to the success of this activity Asobi then instructed CFM to visit their warehouse in Milton Keynes where a further 6,400 items were correctly stickered meaning Asobi could confidently send the stock into store.

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