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Borough Market Distribution

The Challenge

Borough Market produce their own promotional newspaper which highlights the traders and offers available in the market each week.

They needed an agency who could supply a regular team to distribute the paper every Thursday and Friday in and around the location.

The staff would need to be proactive in approaching people with the free publication.

The Approach

As the market is a very neighbourly and family orientated place, we wanted to supply a regular team who would get to know and be recognised by the traders.

This would ensure that our staff could also help and assist customers who were looking for a particular stall or product. They would, in effect, become an extension of the Market’s own team and be highly pro-active in the distribution of the newspaper along with any promotional flyers that also needed to be handed out.

To make our staff immediately recognised as part of the Borough Market team, they all wear a branded shopkeeper apron on every shift.

The Result

To date we have supplied regular staff on behalf of Borough Market for the past 4 years.  Our team are well known around the market and are regularly called upon to work on extra promotional events such as Mother’s Day, Easter and Christmas.

We now also promote the magazine at London Bridge and Liverpool Street tube stations.

Borough Market are very happy with the staff we provide/d over the years, and will continue to engage our service for distributing their promotional materials every week before the weekend.

Why Distribute?

Proactive publication distribution is much more effective than passive distribution techniques, as they engage people who are not walking directly past passive distribution points. This results in greater brand awareness, in this case for for Borough Market, even among those just passing through. Many people take the magazine to pass on to family or friends who they know will be in the area that weekend.






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