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Cirro Evolve Product Uplift


The Brief

A suspected faulty batch of the Cirro Evolve Electronic Vaporisers had been distributed to Co-op Stores nationwide.  These products needed to be recalled and replaced with good stock, with little or no disruption to stores.

How we executed the campaign

Delivery information showed that the suspect batch had been distributed to approx. 720 stores, CFM took delivery of replacement stock to cover 1 outer per store.  93 experienced merchandisers were allocated enough stock for each call they visited along with packaging and return labels, to send all stock back to CFM to be reconciled.  Briefing documents included both good and bad batch numbers, photographs and stock levels for each store. Stock and return labels were couriered out to our team within 24 hours of booking with instructions to visit stores within 48 hours.

The Result

Time was of the essence, so CFM merchandisers visited their allocated calls immediately checking all Evolve stock in each store, taking out any which showed the faulty batch number and replaced these with new stock.  From 720 stores, only 17 were not holding any of the faulty batch number.  From the other 703 stores we uplifted 2488 single units and replaced with good stock. Merchandisers repackaged these and their remaining stock of good units and returned them using our pre-paid labels to our offices.  Stock was then sorted into the 2 batch numbers and sent back to 10 Motives.  It was then decided that for safety’s sake all 2098 remaining Co-op stores should be visited to ensure none had any faulty stock.  From these second visits another 460 faulty units were uplifted.


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