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Classic Sign & Design

Client: Classic Sign & Design

Type of account: Installation and merchandising

Date of campaign: July 2018 – October 2018

The Challenge:

Classic Sign & Design produce a range of stickers for wheelie bins/doors/gates. Recently, they got the go ahead to install racks nationally in a variety of UK stores. A small amount of stores already had racks installed, but Classic Sign & Design needed a partner who would be able to conduct thousands of visits nationally, quickly.

We would need to:

  • Visit each store location, ranging from North Scotland to South-west England (Namely Home Bargains, Poundland, and Poundstretcher stores)
  • Locate sales display rack/s (This includes already installed racks, which need merchandising)
  • Install and merchandise newly delivered display racks
  • Check all stickers are in correct stacks
  • Initiate replenishment order if low on stock with no order placed
  • Record relevant feedback
  • Take required photographs of stock displays

The Approach:

One of our expert account handlers began picking our best available staff for each area and contacting them. Meanwhile, another of our account handlers created a draft brief which contained detailed instructions, photographs, and video on how to complete a call.

The brief made it extremely clear that the sticker rack must be installed exactly as described – most importantly that the sticker rack must be fastened to the end trunking framework with both support hooks and at least 3-4 heavy duty cable ties. This was extremely important to guarantee health and safety measures were adhered to.

We set up our reporting app, including all photographs and feedback requirements our client requested and discussed with us. Through the reporting app’s client login, our clients are able to view all calls the second they are completed – handy!

We checked the draft brief multiple times and condensed into a succinct, detailed document. A now very comprehensive and succinct brief was sent out to all selected merchandisers 

Classic Sign & Design’s New racks and stock were sent direct to each store with clear labelling that our merchandisers would be visiting within 7 days to install and merchandise.

The Results:

A total of 489 Home Bargains stores were successfully visited. A new rack was installed in every store, the two existing racks were re-merchandised. Damaged or missing stock was also reported in the feedback. 

Our client was given access to our reporting portal where they could view each call as it was completed in real time. A CFM account manager was also checking the portal as photos came in and any errors or problems were addressed while the merchandiser was still in store.  This meant any revisits were minimal and we could be certain stores were fully compliant before we left.

Once Home Bargains stores were completed we were immediately instructed to visit 386 Poundstretcher stores.  Here we installed 2 new racks and re-merchandised 2 existing racks, reporting on any out of stocks or damages directly to our client.  We utilised our Home Bargains team to cover these calls, thus creating a core team who had a good solid knowledge of the racks and stock.  This greatly cut down on problems, phone calls to the office and improved time in store.

After Poundstretcher we moved immediately to Poundland and visited 750 stores to install 3 new racks, merchandise and then again check on 2 existing racks.  Again, the same core team were utilised wherever possible.

Altogether, we visited 1625 stores, and approximately 3511 sticker racks were installed and merchandised.  Our client has reported a significant uplift in sales since our visits.




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