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Eat Natural – Tesco Express

Eat Natural’s need for Contact Field Marketing’s national auditing

Eat Natural supplies Tesco Express stores with a range of health bars. Three of their products became part of Tesco’s meal deal selection. Typically, products included in meal deals experience great inceases in sales. Figures received by Eat Natural from Tesco suggested the 3 promoted products were performing poorly in many stores.

Eat Natural approached us, asking if we could visit a selection of 400 low sales stores.

The CFM Approach

As usual, one of our expert account managers set to work selecting and inviting our best merchandisers for each area. In selection, staff were told these visits would be commencing urgently, at Eat Natural’s request. Only merchandisers available on the planned dates would be booked.

While staff replied with availability, we prepared a briefing document and set up our live reporting app. The briefing document included a variety of informational photographs, TPN numbers, and other necessary information.

Once we had confirmed merchandisers for a great % of stores, this briefing document was sent out to each merchandiser along with an authorisation letter from Tesco’s Head Office, staff could then begin completing their calls.

Staff were instructed to ensure the 3 Eat Natural products were sited near the meal deal section (according to Tesco’s store planograms). They were also to ensure the correct promotional SELs were printed and sited in-stores. Any additional siting’s also had to be photographed and reported back through the reporting app. 

The Result for Eat Natural

Our client, Eat Natural, was given logins to access our reporting system. From the system, they could view store visit data as soon they were completed by our staff. This helps keep them in-the-loop on progress of calls. We have a very high completion rate, above average for our industry, thanks to our 20,000+ UK staff.

From our visits it was found that 365 stores were already fully compliant with no issues, 13 stores needed stock moved and SEL’s printed and 22 stores were not holding any stock at all. These stores were given the TPN numbers by our merchandisers and stock was ordered through Tesco’s own systems.

Once all stores had been visited all raw data was exported and sent over to the client in excel format, this allowed our client to cross reference the information against their updated sales figures.

CFM received excellent feedback from our contact at Eat Natural thanking us for our approach to the task.


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