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Herdsman Beef

Scotch Beef is famous for quality and it doesn’t come any better than Herdsman. Herdsman’s Scottish cattle are hand-reared by farmers, many of whom are families backed by generations of experience and modern agricultural qualifications. The beef is organic and meets the highest UK welfare and health quality standards.

Already established in Scotland, Herdsman is now trying to break into the premium foods market in other parts of the UK. That’s when they contacted us, to assist them in raising sales in critical UK stores.

Our Challenge

To create brand awareness and increase sales of this premium brand at the local level. A sampling campaign was planned to sample Herdsman products in Selfridges’ stores across England. The staff we use would need to be qualified in hygiene, with a strong background in field marketing and field sales. Something we happen to specialize in!

Our Approach

Our office teams set up a two-phase campaign for Herdsman. We intended to use highly experienced sales and sampling staff for this sampling campaign from the getgo.

Over the course of one month staff were to prepare and offer samples of roast beef and fillet steaks to consumers browsing in the Selfridges food halls. Our staff cooked the steaks on the shop floor in front of customers and roasting joints were also cooked in store on the day of the event. When giving out samples the CFM&S’ staff informed customers about Herdsman’s products, company background and product details.

Our Result

In every store, sales increased – some stores saw sales increases of over 300%. The in-store staff were impressed by the fantastic customer response to the product sampling exercise, partly thanks to the high quality standards maintained by Herdsman in the production of their beef.

Due to the success of the first campaign, Herdsman requested we run another campaign for them, which was carried out with equally successful results in different stores.

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