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Ladbrokes Window Audit

The Brief

Ladbrokes estate planned to fully mesh their branch windows with colourful designs advertising the new gaming machines which were to be installed. Accurate measurements of the shop windows were needed to produce the screen printed meshes to totally cover the windows.

How we executed the campaign

The auditing team correctly recorded the height and width of all windows at each store. It soon became evident that the difference in types of shop fronts was vast. Information regarding vents, etched windows, obstructions and unsuitable locations were fed back to the client who did not expect this additional information. Photographs of the entire shop front were taken and fed back to Ladbrokes allowing them to make an informed decision on which parts of the shop front should be meshed.

The Results

Following the audit of 369 Ladbrokes stores the printed mesh was supplied to an installation team to fit. Photographs and feedback for the completed work were provided for the client. Ladbrokes stores nationwide now have a uniformed look with striking designs.

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