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Shark 2in1 Steam Mops Demonstrating

Sharkclean were looking to support their TV marketing campaign, and engaged the services of Contact Field Marketing to manage a national campaign to demonstrate the Shark 2in1 Steam Mop.

The Brief

As the TV adverting campaign was promoting a temporary discount on the Shark 2in1 Steam Mop in Currys Stores nationwide we had to work quickly to organise the demonstration days liaising with Shark, the Brand Ambassadors and the In Store Staff.

A product advertised on TV is regarded as a sign of legitimacy due to the nature of the platform. Additionally the repeated exposure to a brand makes it more likely to stick in consumers minds when out shopping and the demonstrations provide additional impact.

How we executed the In Store Demonstrations

Our experienced campaign manager selected experienced and most engaging in store demonstrators. A training session with Shark was arranged to teach the Brand Ambassadors how simple the product is to use and answer any questions they may be faced with in store.

Sharks 2in1 steam mops were demonstrated across the country in Currys stores during the weekends for a whole month.

Customers simply love seeing a product (especially technology) in action as it answers many questions or doubts they may have. While in store the Brand Ambassadors ensured all of the Shark Steam Mops were merchandised correctly and neatly – to encourage more sales.

The Results

The Brand Ambassadors had many lively conversations with customers who had seen the TV advert and who were keen to see the products demonstrated. Keeping the conversation about the product going again helps to keep the brand at the forefront of the consumers mind.

Due to the TV adverting supported by the in store demonstrations Currys and Shark reported a significant increase in sales.The Brand Ambassadors als took the opportunity to train the Currys Staff on the features and benefits of the Shark range of Steam Mops.

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