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Sunshine Events

The Brief

Sunshine Events deliver stress free fun events for entertainment, with a fun fair twist.

Sunshine Events asked CFM to provide staff to assist at a number of adult themed corporate events over the festive period.

The CFM team were to man, you guessed it, ‘funfair like’ games and activity stalls with the aim of breaking the ice and encouraging guests to try something new.

Stalls included giant snow globes, rodeo reindeers, casino tables, magic selfie mirrors and more. Our staff would need to be aware of Sunshines safety procedures,

The Approach

As some events went on until late evening, we decided to search specificially for staff who we knew were happy to work later shifts. Proactive, fun, friendly and professional staff were selected to particularly suit the corporate events.

Teams were quickly organized (including backup staff) on the required days.

Our staff were informed of Sunshine Events standards (safety, who to talk to, what to wear, what to do and not do etc), and of course our standards (no eating, drinking, smoking, phoning, chewing gum etc unless on breaks).

Selected staff were supplied with a ‘Sunshine Events’ branded t-shirt to wear on the day/evening. Branded attire raises brand awareness, so no second thoughts there.

The Result

The Christmas parties were all a huge success. Visitors thoroughly enjoyed the unique and playful event. Such unique enjoyment leaves a lasting impression of your brand, very good for future sales.

Our staff remained professional at all times, but got very involved in the going ons at the FUN evenings.

Sunshine Events were impressed with the quality of staff we could provide for the prices we quote, we’re very competitive when it comes to pricing for events.

Sunshine are continuing to use us for staff for their events around the country throughout 2018.

Since Christmas, Sunshine Events have booked up with us in 2018 for dozens of dates around the country.

So far we’ve organized and managed staff for student events (colleges and universities), family fun days, and weddings. It’s always great friendly fun, and the work is what our staff like most about the field marketing field – the dynamics, and wide range of different ways brands promote themselves.



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