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Zespri Kiwis


The Aim

Zespri requested that CFM supply staff for 3 weekends, covering a Friday and Saturday, to sample Zespri Gold and Green kiwi fruits. Peak shopping days are selected to maximise the impact of in-store sampling which maximises sales uplifts and brand awareness.

The two types of kiwis Zespri sell were to be offered as dual samples, for consumers to see the difference. Specifically to highlight that the golden kiwis are much sweeter, with a better texture than the usual green. So sampling the two together is a smart marketing move to sell the newer golden kiwis.

The supplied staff, as usual, were to be proactive, talkative, friendly and informed on the brand.

The Activity

CFM sampling teams visited the stores in teams of two. A Zespri sampling display was erected in-stores to maximise awareness of the activity. Samples were handed out to customers, who were asked to taste the difference between the green and gold kiwis, as stated.

The team of two would work together to prepare kiwis, bring customers in to sample, and encourage sales. One member of staff was to focus on food preparation for hygiene

reasons. The other would focus on engaging with passing members of the public.

Incentives to buy were on offer from Zespri. Such as a free shopping bag, free spoons were also given away with each sample. This helps with customer retention, as the branded products remind the consumer of the experience at a low cost to Zespri.


Customer engagement was high on the days, many samples were given out. Importantly, each store we sampled in completely sold out of their Zespri kiwi stocks before the end of each day. Customers were eager to get their hands on more and were directed to social media to maintain brand relations/awareness.

The CFM sampling teams successfully raised awareness of the Zespri brand. Furthermore, by highlighting to consumers the difference in the flavour of the two kiwi types (gold and green), customers were eager to stay with Zespri due to the unique selling point of the golden kiwis (and high quality of the green too!).


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