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The brief

G Tech manufacture and sell home electrical products.

The G Tech Sweeper was a new line listed in Debenhams. They required a field marketing partner to create brand awareness and drive sales by demonstrating the product in-store.

The client required over 200 promotional days covered during a 5 day period.

How we executed the campaign

Using our extensive database we selected experienced staff to represent G Tech. Each demonstrator was supplied with a written brief followed by a telephone brief.

The G Tech sweepers were despatched to the Demonstrators, to allow them to read the instruction manual and familiarise themselves with the product before the in store activity began.

The Results

100% store coverage was achieved (which is considerably higher than the industry standard).

Sales increased massively (up to 1,100% in Debenhams, Cork) in the stores where the demonstrations took place.

The permanent staff in store also benefited and now find it much easier to sell the product due to increased knowledge gained from our demonstrators.

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