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Merchandising Work Available in Home Bargains

Merchandising Work Available in Home Bargains

If you’re able to cover any of these stores on a 28-30 day or so basis, give us a call on 0191 259 1199 and register with us.

We’ve got recurring merchandising work every 4 weeks available in Home Bargains stores in some areas we find difficult to cover.

The work involves separating and counting unsold magazines. Straight forward work. You will need to be able to get to the store you have agreed to cover every 4 weeks.

Visits start Thursday 31 May or Friday 1st June, and must be completed promptly. The TeamHaven phone app will be used to report magazine counts, store information, and a picture of the magazines stand. You will receive a brief via email with all you need to know about the calls.

Competitive rates of pay, calls take around 20-40 minutes depending on number of unsold copies, and mainly the speed at which you can separate the magazine covers and count them up.

AB42 1R4Q and AB43 7ED (17.4 miles apart)

BT48 7PU,  BT78 1QZ and BT82 9ED (35.2 miles of travel)



IV19 1PU

OX12 9AJ

PE25 3NU


SP1 2LB, SP4 7SQ (10.6 miles apart)

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