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Promotional Work Available

Promotional Work Available

We are looking for staff to work at fun events. The work entails working on a fun event stand, which can range from games such as hook a duck, shoot a target, coconut throw to other fun games.

Depending on the stand, the work can require a lot of bending over to pick things up and replace them on the stands (knocking cans over with bean bags for example can have you bending down dozens of times an hour).

The work includes assisting the client to setup and dismantle the fun stands, which can include inflatable rides such as a bull rodeo. As such physical strength/fitness is very beneficial for this work. Relative fitness is an absolute requirement, if you’re not fit enough for the work we cannot guarantee that you will not be replaced.

Location: The Newham Show, London,  E6 6EG

Dates: Sat 7th, Sun 8th July 2018

Times: 11am -6.30pm

Location : The Jewellery Channel, Feltham, TW 13 7HF

Tamplin Mews Gardens, London, W9 3SP

Date: Sat 7th July 2018

Time:  1.30pm -7.30pm

Location: Tamplin Mews, London W9 3SP

Date: Sun 8th July 2018

Time: 12pm – 4.30pm

Rate of pay to be discussed with applicant

These are fun events and we are looking for proactive, vibrant people who are fit as part of the job will be to help put inflatables and stands up.

If this job is of interest please call 0191 259 11 99

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