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Brand Promotion

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Impactful & Memorable Brand Promotion

As a brand manager or company owner, you have a variety of options to market your product or service to your customer base. Active Brand Promotion is a proven method to effectively target your brand to a specific demographic and by engaging the consumer face-to-face in the field, you are more likely to make a lasting impression and generate sales.

Brand promotion can be as simple as talking to people in person about your brand, it can be as complicated as landing contracts with supermarkets that allows you to get Point of Sale fixtures fitted in-stores across the nation. Whatever you choose, field marketing methods will always be a consideration to directly promote your brand to consumers.

Whatever your chosen brand promotion methods, we at contact can help – we have many years of experience handling national brand promotion campaigns in the field – ranging from staff to stuff, we can organise and manage your campaigns.

Who We’ve Worked With

Contact have managed national product sampling campaigns with some of the world’s leading brands including; Olay, Pantene, Lacoste, Hugo Boss, Aqua Pura, Zespri, Toast Me, Wetherspoons, Vaseline, Colgate and many more.

When running a brand promotion campaign we use a combination of proven marketing techniques to ensure that your brand is presented in a memorable way to your potential clients and generates a good ROI.

We have a national database of over 20,000 experienced staff members which means we can match up the right people for your brand.

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