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Product Uplift, Recall & Crisis Management

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Product Uplift, Recall & Crisis Management Solutions

The need for these services very often develops rapidly, following customer reports, investigations (internal or external) that catches a manufacturing issue that can make a product fall foul of the law, not function as intended, and in the worst case directly putting the consumer at risk of harm.

When faced with major production issues, it’s essential that something is done to avert a sales damaging publicity crisis. It is often important to visit every single store in the country where your product’s sold to ammend or remove the problematic stock quicktime.

Fully Managed Rapid Turnaround Product Uplift, Recall and Crisis Management Service

Our clients use us for crisis management services when faced with these issues, as we recognise that when it comes to crisis management, time is of the essence, with a quick turnaround to organizing the crisis management campaign absolutely necessary for your brands safety.

Whatever the reason, product uplift,  recall and crisis management is a cost effective way of withdrawing faulty goods from the market or ensuring the product can be sold by correcting any mistakes.

Our product uplift, recall and crisis management teams can avert disaster in a matter of hours by visiting stores to uplift, relabel or replace products on a local, regional or national scale.

Experienced field teams can be simultaneously deployed to ensure visits are conducted promptly and professionally within your required timeframe.

Reporting information gathered along with photographs provide the client with evidence that the problem has been resolved

Who We’ve Helped

Product Uplift ClientAsobi experienced an issue in their manufacturing and QC facility, resulting in a legally required CE sticker missing from their products, making them illegal to sell in the UK … Read More on the 24h Asobi national product correction

Product uplift Sennheiser

Sennheiser had a national disaster when a line of their well known headphones were distributed around the country, unable to be sold due to completely incorrect barcodes… Read more about the 700 Tesco visits for Sennheiser



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