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Product Demonstrating

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Product Demonstrating – Creating Memorable Brand Moments

In-store demonstrating is a fantastic way to engage with your customers, new and existing, and create brand moments that stick in their minds.
An experienced product demonstrator can interact with people and your product at ground level and ensure the full features and benefits of your product range are explained, often to crowds of would-be customers.

You can expect to see a significant increase in sales for every day that a product is demonstrated in-store, at each demonstration location – few other marketing techniques are as successful as a hands-on demonstration that the customers are involved with, with questions and answers available instantly.

Experienced Product Demonstration Staff

Whether it’s a steam mop in a supermarket or a food mixer in a department store – our experienced demonstration teams can show the full features and benefits of your product to consumers at the point of purchase. Seeing a product in action is very often the difference between a sale and fleeting glance.

Our agency can manage it all; choosing the right people to demo your product, the right locations and the right time to ensure maximum effectiveness.

Our reporting process can include customer survey information to track demonstrations and sales. Transparency is key for us which is why we provide photographs of staff on-site every step of the way.

In-Store Demonstrating Case Studies

kenwood demonstrating case studyKenwood needed several national demonstrating teams to demonstrate their Kenwood kMix range in John Lewis department stores. Detailed auditting information was also…. Read More


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