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Fulfilment & Warehousing

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Stock Fulfilment & Warehousing

In the past 12 years we have gained a huge amount of experience in managing campaigns. A frequent problem for some businesses was poor fulfilment and warehousing which would often delay and jeopardise campaigns, on top of costing them a lot in lost, damaged or outdated stock.

We now also offer the service of stock fulfilment and warehousing ourselves to help our clients reduce weak links in their processes. We can accomodate all of your required stock, be it for sampling or distribution, saving you time, hassle, worry and money. Ready to go when you are.

Simply deliver the samples to our warehouse and we will manage the picking and packing, delivery to distributors, stores, delivery and installation of point of sale placement, distribution, leafleting, and all of our other services from your factory or supplier to the hands of your customers.

Everything Managed Under One Roof

We have our own 30,000 sq.ft warehouse and fulfilment teams therefore we can cater for all your “pick and pack” requirements – including managing the whole process from collation of goody bags to fulfilment of promotional stock to regional venues.

Our experienced office team knows where our clients have struggled and slipped up in the past when it comes to fulfilment and warehousing, so we opt to use reliable tracked couriers, trustworthy warehouse workers, and of course our excellent field staff for the end goal of warehousing.

Fulfilment & Warehousing Case Studies

pentene product samplingPantene needed to supply and manage product sampling staff to over 100 Superdrug stores nationwide. Distributing over 350,000 samples of shampoo and conditioner to their customers… Read More



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