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Publication Distribution

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Managed Publication Distribution Campaigns

Contact’s involvement with the publishing industry focuses on the hand-to-hand distribution of publications such as newspapers and magazines and the management of logistics and field distribution teams.

We’ve handled in the field publication distribution for a wide variety of clients including Superdrug’s Dare Magazine, The Covent Garden Journal and Market Life -just some examples of the magazines and newspapers our agency distributes across the UK.

Publications available on newsstands can often benefit from a distribution campaign to increase awareness and sales, we can provide the teams to help you achieve this. In addition to the distribution of your media, we can also offer in-store audits of point of sale stands, to ensure good visibility, count unsold units etc.

Experienced Distribution Teams Across The UK

Contact offers the publishing industry a full service distribution solution. We’ve worked with publishers such as River Publishing, Gold Key Media and LSC Publishing. Read the case studies below and see how we can help you achieve better results:

Publication Distribution Examples

sportmagSport Magazine had ambitious plans to distribute over 300k copies of their magazine every Friday and establish the magazine as the number one men’s magazine in the UK… Read More


dare-magazine-distributionDARE Magazine Contact managed the hand-to-hand, bulk distribution of over 250,000 copies of DARE Magazine . This included… Read More



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Public Distribution Notice: Handing out literature on the public highway may infringe upon the CNEA 2005, relating to the distribution of free literature. This legislation prevents the distribution of free printed matter on a public highway. Licenses can be provided by the Borough Council dependent on the Council granting permission. Contact can manage this so that you stand the best chance of acquiring permissions.


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