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Road Shows

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Your Road Show Representatives

Take your brand to the consumers!

Road shows are an excellent way to raise awareness of your product or service. Properly executed roadshows will also generate sustained interest and sales, as well as social media or potentially local news coverege.

A famous example of a road show done well in the UK is the Christmas coca cola lorry, a classic every year which always draws huge crowds, guaranteed to make waves every year as they travel the country stopping for consumers to enjoy the coca cola brand in a fun way.

Road Shows are a fun way of promoting your brand to a wider audience and should be carefully planned and executed to have maximum impact. That’s why we choose the most suited members of our national staff database to represent your brand.

Fully Managed Road Show Solution

Contact has the expertise to bring your brand to life. We’ve helped enough clients over the years that we can help with most steps of the road show map.

Many clients do just approach us simply to engage staff for their road show, however we can manage the whole process from sourcing the vehicles, arranging production and delivery of advertising material to supplying and managing proactive, approachable staff required to execute the best Road Show campaigns.

Our skilled Account Handlers can also advise you on venue selection – a critical element in ensuring you yield at or above optimal results when running your next Road Show.

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