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Starcom UK

Digital Sampling Activity on behalf of Puig

The Challenge:

Following on from an online social media marketing campaign offering samples of various perfumes and aftershaves, Starcom UK engaged CFM&S to undertake the task of cleansing data, packing and distributing over 28,000 individual vials of Paco Rabanne, Millions, Lady Millions, Pure XS, Pure XS for her, Prada Black and Olympia fragrances to valid address in the UK.

The Approach:

Encrypted files containing personal data were sent to CFM&S, followed by passwords to open each file.  The data in each file needed to be cleaned to ensure addresses were valid, emails were correct and most importantly, duplicate requests were investigated.  Typically, per thousand recipients of free samples there are dozens to over a hundred fraudulent requests. To be fair, we only allow 1 sample per unique individual, up to a few per household – depending on how legitimate the requests seem.

Multi-packs of each fragrance were received into our distribution centre, some of the fragrances also came with an information leaflet.  Suitable packaging was sourced to ensure the vials would not be damaged in transit, that there was no wasted space and that the most cost-effective postal solution was used. For this campaign, the solution was simply bubble wrap jiffy bags.

Packers were instructed to pack each fragrance to match the quantity of data received, ensuring leaflets were included where necessary.  Labels were printed in batches of 500 and these were paired with the relevant fragrance. These were then bagged and sent out using Post Office Business services.

The Results:

During the packing process, we received a request for a further 7000 samples to be distributed.  Over the course of 7 days, all 35,000 samples were successfully distributed on behalf of our client.  The cleansed data was then returned to them via encrypted files which they would then use for future marketing activity.

Since the original request, CFM&S have assisted Starcom on a further 2 digital marketing sampling campaigns, with similar efficiency and results.

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